Marg Moll

Marg Moll, German painter and sculptress (1884-1977)

Prof. Hans Scharoun about Marg Moll, 1964

Among the contemporary artists, the sculptor and painter takes a minor Marg a special position. Her work and influence are rooted in their personal, idiosyncratic way of looking at and in their efforts to provide general terms. As a result, the principle of their differentiated designing. They examined each individual feature of the object and makes it visible in the figure. Even though she was inspired during their development of other tendencies, so it came to their own art assets to emerge in substantial. Again and again you get clear evidence of self-creative power.

Because their nature and are based both on their spiritual existence of maternal kindness as well as incessant search for truth, for it was the harmony between nature and spirit of art - as opposed to Oskar Moll - not always easy to find. When Moll was like art imitating himself, self-forming nature. Was it right for decades - with the same two closely connected - her work in Breslau and later witnessed in her Berlin home Halensee were Verspanntsein voltage and the two artists and their intentions to the right source of experience and knowledge. The essence of fantasy decrypted on the creative aspect of the timeless-making or goal-oriented.

Marg Moll is now also tireless in their work and in their efforts to secure an opinion of each particular piece of art. It delighted, if a substantial solution, the pure sense of an objective whole, resulting in a series - as in her work, many plastic animal figures attest. Matter and spirit will correspond most carefully.

In her paintings, it is Marg Moll again to the principle of patterning. Surfaces, lines, colors and textures are applied so that their images - as her sculptures - speak directly to the senses and the mind through the senses. It turns out that even the picture of Marg Moll very characteristic - the idea is supported by intuition and concept.

Marg Moll has never set a fashion, at least in the Matisse excited. As Menschenbildnerin the naked body, it remains humanist. She loves animals. Excellent weatherproof garden sculptures she has created. The completely abstract, geometrizing work is rare in her oeuvre. But she knows too abstract, that is the essence of an object to penetrate. Form is always with her in the closest relationship to technology and materials. Thus, besides rock and metal sound. Sculptures as their most interesting metal outline structure show with what ease they know how to define the outer and inner space. In the 'Modern' is not too popular wood sculpture highlight of the German.Carving 'in Gothic and baroque, it has adapted successfully to the current design.

Clairvoyance for what was going on in their time in art, has won this tireless artist of each. In addition, creative curiosity that has led them later to painting and mosaic. An excellent illustrator and graphic designer she has been ever since.

Then, as now they had something specific in their lively nature, which corresponded to the spirit of discovery in the arts.