Marg Moll

Marg Moll, German painter and sculptress (1884-1977)

"I felt again and again how much she went to work with clarity and truth. How much she - humble and honest - wrestled with herself. Perhaps this is one reason why a wider public knows so little about her. It is little known that Marg Moll is one of those admirable women who were the first to put her foot on the territory of "sculpture". Even before Kathe Kollwitz (first sculpture in 1916), in Emy Roeder (first sculpture in 1912) and also before Renée Sintenis (first sculpture in 1908) she created in Paris (1907) as a stundent of Henri Matisse her first sculptures and remained the only German female student for sculpture of the ingenious master."
Prof. Dr. Siegfried Salzmann
Lehmbruck Museum Duisburg